Interface HttpResponse<T>

Type Parameters:
T - the response body type

public interface HttpResponse<T>
An HTTP response.

An HttpResponse is not created directly, but rather returned as a result of sending an HttpRequest. An HttpResponse is made available when the response status code and headers have been received, and typically after the response body has also been completely received. Whether or not the HttpResponse is made available before the response body has been completely received depends on the BodyHandler provided when sending the HttpRequest.

This class provides methods for accessing the response status code, headers, the response body, and the HttpRequest corresponding to this response.

The following is an example of retrieving a response as a String:

   HttpResponse<String> response = client
     .send(request, BodyHandlers.ofString()); 

The class BodyHandlers provides implementations of many common response handlers. Alternatively, a custom BodyHandler implementation can be used.

  • Method Details

    • statusCode

      int statusCode()
      Returns the status code for this response.
      the response code
    • request

      HttpRequest request()
      Returns the HttpRequest corresponding to this response.

      The returned HttpRequest may not be the initiating request provided when sending. For example, if the initiating request was redirected, then the request returned by this method will have the redirected URI, which will be different from the initiating request URI.

      the request
      See Also:
    • previousResponse

      Optional<HttpResponse<T>> previousResponse()
      Returns an Optional containing the previous intermediate response if one was received. An intermediate response is one that is received as a result of redirection or authentication. If no previous response was received then an empty Optional is returned.
      an Optional containing the HttpResponse, if any.
    • headers

      HttpHeaders headers()
      Returns the received response headers.
      the response headers
    • body

      T body()
      Returns the body. Depending on the type of T, the returned body may represent the body after it was read (such as byte[], or String, or Path) or it may represent an object with which the body is read, such as an InputStream.

      If this HttpResponse was returned from an invocation of previousResponse() then this method returns null

      the body
    • sslSession

      Optional<SSLSession> sslSession()
      Returns an Optional containing the SSLSession in effect for this response. Returns an empty Optional if this is not a HTTPS response.
      an Optional containing the SSLSession associated with the response
    • uri

      URI uri()
      Returns the URI that the response was received from. This may be different from the request URI if redirection occurred.
      the URI of the response
    • version

      Returns the HTTP protocol version that was used for this response.
      HTTP protocol version