Module java.desktop

Interface Style

All Superinterfaces:
AttributeSet, MutableAttributeSet
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public interface Style extends MutableAttributeSet
A collection of attributes to associate with an element in a document. Since these are typically used to associate character and paragraph styles with the element, operations for this are provided. Other customized attributes that get associated with the element will effectively be name-value pairs that live in a hierarchy and if a name (key) is not found locally, the request is forwarded to the parent. Commonly used attributes are separated out to facilitate alternative implementations that are more efficient.
  • Method Details

    • getName

      String getName()
      Fetches the name of the style. A style is not required to be named, so null is returned if there is no name associated with the style.
      the name
    • addChangeListener

      void addChangeListener(ChangeListener l)
      Adds a listener to track whenever an attribute has been changed.
      l - the change listener
    • removeChangeListener

      void removeChangeListener(ChangeListener l)
      Removes a listener that was tracking attribute changes.
      l - the change listener