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Class DefaultHighlighter

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public class DefaultHighlighter extends LayeredHighlighter
Implements the Highlighter interfaces. Implements a simple highlight painter that renders in a solid color.
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  • Field Details

    • DefaultPainter

      public static final LayeredHighlighter.LayerPainter DefaultPainter
      Default implementation of LayeredHighlighter.LayerPainter that can be used for painting highlights.

      As of 1.4 this field is final.

  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultHighlighter

      public DefaultHighlighter()
      Creates a new DefaultHighlighter object.
  • Method Details

    • paint

      public void paint(Graphics g)
      Renders the highlights.
      g - the graphics context
    • install

      public void install(JTextComponent c)
      Called when the UI is being installed into the interface of a JTextComponent. Installs the editor, and removes any existing highlights.
      c - the editor component
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    • deinstall

      public void deinstall(JTextComponent c)
      Called when the UI is being removed from the interface of a JTextComponent.
      c - the component
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    • addHighlight

      public Object addHighlight(int p0, int p1, Highlighter.HighlightPainter p) throws BadLocationException
      Adds a highlight to the view. Returns a tag that can be used to refer to the highlight.
      p0 - the start offset of the range to highlight >= 0
      p1 - the end offset of the range to highlight >= p0
      p - the painter to use to actually render the highlight
      an object that can be used as a tag to refer to the highlight
      BadLocationException - if the specified location is invalid
    • removeHighlight

      public void removeHighlight(Object tag)
      Removes a highlight from the view.
      tag - the reference to the highlight
    • removeAllHighlights

      public void removeAllHighlights()
      Removes all highlights.
    • changeHighlight

      public void changeHighlight(Object tag, int p0, int p1) throws BadLocationException
      Changes a highlight.
      tag - the highlight tag
      p0 - the beginning of the range >= 0
      p1 - the end of the range >= p0
      BadLocationException - if the specified location is invalid
    • getHighlights

      public Highlighter.Highlight[] getHighlights()
      Makes a copy of the highlights. Does not actually clone each highlight, but only makes references to them.
      the copy
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    • paintLayeredHighlights

      public void paintLayeredHighlights(Graphics g, int p0, int p1, Shape viewBounds, JTextComponent editor, View view)
      When leaf Views (such as LabelView) are rendering they should call into this method. If a highlight is in the given region it will be drawn immediately.
      Specified by:
      paintLayeredHighlights in class LayeredHighlighter
      g - Graphics used to draw
      p0 - starting offset of view
      p1 - ending offset of view
      viewBounds - Bounds of View
      editor - JTextComponent
      view - View instance being rendered
    • setDrawsLayeredHighlights

      public void setDrawsLayeredHighlights(boolean newValue)
      If true, highlights are drawn as the Views draw the text. That is the Views will call into paintLayeredHighlight which will result in a rectangle being drawn before the text is drawn (if the offsets are in a highlighted region that is). For this to work the painter supplied must be an instance of LayeredHighlightPainter.
      newValue - the new value
    • getDrawsLayeredHighlights

      public boolean getDrawsLayeredHighlights()
      Return the draw layered highlights.
      the draw layered highlights