Module java.desktop

Class FileFilter

Direct Known Subclasses:
BasicFileChooserUI.AcceptAllFileFilter, FileNameExtensionFilter

public abstract class FileFilter extends Object
FileFilter is an abstract class used by JFileChooser for filtering the set of files shown to the user. See FileNameExtensionFilter for an implementation that filters using the file name extension.

A FileFilter can be set on a JFileChooser to keep unwanted files from appearing in the directory listing. For an example implementation of a simple file filter, see yourJDK/demo/jfc/FileChooserDemo/ For more information and examples see How to Use File Choosers, a section in The Java Tutorial.

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  • Constructor Details

    • FileFilter

      protected FileFilter()
      Constructor for subclasses to call.
  • Method Details

    • accept

      public abstract boolean accept(File f)
      Whether the given file is accepted by this filter.
      f - the File to test
      true if the file is to be accepted
    • getDescription

      public abstract String getDescription()
      The description of this filter. For example: "JPG and GIF Images"
      the description of this filter
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