Java® Platform, Standard Edition
Version 19 API Specification

Defines the foundational APIs of the Java SE Platform.
Defines the Language Model, Annotation Processing, and Java Compiler APIs.
Defines the API for transferring data between and within applications.
Defines the AWT and Swing user interface toolkits, plus APIs for accessibility, audio, imaging, printing, and JavaBeans.
Defines services that allow agents to instrument programs running on the JVM.
Defines the Java Logging API.
Defines the Java Management Extensions (JMX) API.
Defines the RMI connector for the Java Management Extensions (JMX) Remote API.
Defines the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) API.
Defines the HTTP Client and WebSocket APIs.
Defines the Preferences API.
Defines the Remote Method Invocation (RMI) API.
Defines the Scripting API.
Defines the API of the Java SE Platform.
Defines the Java binding of the IETF Generic Security Services API (GSS-API).
Defines Java support for the IETF Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL).
Defines the JDBC API.
Defines the JDBC RowSet API.
Defines an API for supporting distributed transactions in JDBC.
Defines the Java API for XML Processing (JAXP), the Streaming API for XML (StAX), the Simple API for XML (SAX), and the W3C Document Object Model (DOM) API.
Defines the API for XML cryptography.