Uses of Class

Packages that use EventObject
Contains all of the classes for creating user interfaces and for painting graphics and images.
Provides interfaces and classes for transferring data between and within applications.
Provides interfaces and classes for interaction with various desktop capabilities.
Drag and Drop is a direct manipulation gesture found in many Graphical User Interface systems that provides a mechanism to transfer information between two entities logically associated with presentation elements in the GUI.
Provides interfaces and classes for dealing with different types of events fired by AWT components.
Contains classes related to developing beans -- components based on the JavaBeans architecture.
Provides classes and interfaces relating to bean context.
This package allows applications to store and retrieve user and system preference and configuration data.
Provides the core classes for the Java Management Extensions.
Provides the definition of the monitor classes.
Provides the definition of the Relation Service.
Interfaces for remote access to JMX MBean servers.
Provides the definition of the Timer MBean.
Provides support for event notification when accessing naming and directory services.
Provides support for LDAPv3 extended operations and controls.
Provides classes for the secure socket package.
Package javax.print.event contains event classes and listener interfaces.
Provides interfaces and classes for capture, processing, and playback of sampled audio data.
Provides the API for server side data source access and processing from the Java programming language.
Provides a set of "lightweight" (all-Java language) components that, to the maximum degree possible, work the same on all platforms.
Provides for events fired by Swing components.
Provides the class HTMLEditorKit and supporting classes for creating HTML text editors.
Provides classes and interfaces for dealing with javax.swing.JTree.