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Interface XMLResolver

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public interface XMLResolver
This interface is used to resolve resources during an XML parse. If an application wishes to perform custom entity resolution it must register an instance of this interface with the XMLInputFactory using the setXMLResolver method.
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    • resolveEntity

      Object resolveEntity(String publicID, String systemID, String baseURI, String namespace) throws XMLStreamException
      Retrieves a resource. This resource can be of the following three return types: (1) (2) (3) If this method returns null the processor will attempt to resolve the entity using its default mechanism.
      publicID - The public identifier of the external entity being referenced, or null if none was supplied.
      systemID - The system identifier of the external entity being referenced.
      baseURI - Absolute base URI associated with systemId.
      namespace - The namespace of the entity to resolve.
      The resource requested or null.
      XMLStreamException - if there was a failure attempting to resolve the resource.