Class RelationTypeSupport

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, RelationType

public class RelationTypeSupport extends Object implements RelationType
A RelationTypeSupport object implements the RelationType interface.

It represents a relation type, providing role information for each role expected to be supported in every relation of that type.

A relation type includes a relation type name and a list of role infos (represented by RoleInfo objects).

A relation type has to be declared in the Relation Service:

- either using the createRelationType() method, where a RelationTypeSupport object will be created and kept in the Relation Service

- either using the addRelationType() method where the user has to create an object implementing the RelationType interface, and this object will be used as representing a relation type in the Relation Service.

The serialVersionUID of this class is 4611072955724144607L.

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