Module java.naming

Interface EventDirContext

All Superinterfaces:
Context, DirContext, EventContext

public interface EventDirContext extends EventContext, DirContext
Contains methods for registering listeners to be notified of events fired when objects named in a directory context changes.

The methods in this interface support identification of objects by RFC 2254 search filters.

Using the search filter, it is possible to register interest in objects that do not exist at the time of registration but later come into existence and satisfy the filter. However, there might be limitations in the extent to which this can be supported by the service provider and underlying protocol/service. If the caller submits a filter that cannot be supported in this way, addNamingListener() throws an InvalidSearchFilterException.

See EventContext for a description of event source and target, and information about listener registration/deregistration that are also applicable to methods in this interface. See the package description for information on threading issues.

A SearchControls or array object passed as a parameter to any method is owned by the caller. The service provider will not modify the object or keep a reference to it.