Interface DocumentationTool

All Superinterfaces:
OptionChecker, Tool

public interface DocumentationTool extends Tool, OptionChecker
Interface to invoke Java programming language documentation tools from programs.
  • Method Details

    • getTask

      DocumentationTool.DocumentationTask getTask(Writer out, JavaFileManager fileManager, DiagnosticListener<? super JavaFileObject> diagnosticListener, Class<?> docletClass, Iterable<String> options, Iterable<? extends JavaFileObject> compilationUnits)
      Creates a future for a documentation task with the given components and arguments. The task might not have completed as described in the DocumentationTask interface.

      If a file manager is provided, it must be able to handle all locations defined in DocumentationTool.Location, as well as StandardLocation.SOURCE_PATH, StandardLocation.CLASS_PATH, and StandardLocation.PLATFORM_CLASS_PATH.

      out - a Writer for additional output from the tool; use System.err if null
      fileManager - a file manager; if null use the tool's standard file manager
      diagnosticListener - a diagnostic listener; if null use the tool's default method for reporting diagnostics
      docletClass - a class providing the necessary methods required of a doclet; a value of null means to use the standard doclet.
      options - documentation tool options and doclet options, null means no options
      compilationUnits - the compilation units to compile, null means no compilation units
      an object representing the compilation
      RuntimeException - if an unrecoverable error occurred in a user supplied component. The cause will be the error in user code.
      IllegalArgumentException - if any of the given compilation units are of other kind than source
    • getStandardFileManager

      StandardJavaFileManager getStandardFileManager(DiagnosticListener<? super JavaFileObject> diagnosticListener, Locale locale, Charset charset)
      Returns a new instance of the standard file manager implementation for this tool. The file manager will use the given diagnostic listener for producing any non-fatal diagnostics. Fatal errors will be signaled with the appropriate exceptions.

      The standard file manager will be automatically reopened if it is accessed after calls to flush or close. The standard file manager must be usable with other tools.

      diagnosticListener - a diagnostic listener for non-fatal diagnostics; if null use the compiler's default method for reporting diagnostics
      locale - the locale to apply when formatting diagnostics; null means the default locale.
      charset - the character set used for decoding bytes; if null use the platform default
      the standard file manager