Module java.base
Package java.util

Class IllegalFormatPrecisionException

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class IllegalFormatPrecisionException extends IllegalFormatException
Unchecked exception thrown when the precision is a negative value other than -1, the conversion does not support a precision, or the value is otherwise unsupported. If the precision is not representable by an int type, then the value Integer.MIN_VALUE will be used in the exception.
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  • Constructor Details

    • IllegalFormatPrecisionException

      public IllegalFormatPrecisionException(int p)
      Constructs an instance of this class with the specified precision.
      p - The precision
  • Method Details

    • getPrecision

      public int getPrecision()
      Returns the precision. If the precision isn't representable by an int, then will return Integer.MIN_VALUE.
      The precision