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Package java.text

Class DateFormat.Field

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public static class DateFormat.Field extends Format.Field
Defines constants that are used as attribute keys in the AttributedCharacterIterator returned from DateFormat.formatToCharacterIterator and as field identifiers in FieldPosition.

The class also provides two methods to map between its constants and the corresponding Calendar constants.

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  • Field Details

    • ERA

      public static final DateFormat.Field ERA
      Constant identifying the era field.
    • YEAR

      public static final DateFormat.Field YEAR
      Constant identifying the year field.
    • MONTH

      public static final DateFormat.Field MONTH
      Constant identifying the month field.

      public static final DateFormat.Field DAY_OF_MONTH
      Constant identifying the day of month field.
    • HOUR_OF_DAY1

      public static final DateFormat.Field HOUR_OF_DAY1
      Constant identifying the hour of day field, where the legal values are 1 to 24.
    • HOUR_OF_DAY0

      public static final DateFormat.Field HOUR_OF_DAY0
      Constant identifying the hour of day field, where the legal values are 0 to 23.
    • MINUTE

      public static final DateFormat.Field MINUTE
      Constant identifying the minute field.
    • SECOND

      public static final DateFormat.Field SECOND
      Constant identifying the second field.

      public static final DateFormat.Field MILLISECOND
      Constant identifying the millisecond field.

      public static final DateFormat.Field DAY_OF_WEEK
      Constant identifying the day of week field.

      public static final DateFormat.Field DAY_OF_YEAR
      Constant identifying the day of year field.

      public static final DateFormat.Field DAY_OF_WEEK_IN_MONTH
      Constant identifying the day of week field.

      public static final DateFormat.Field WEEK_OF_YEAR
      Constant identifying the week of year field.

      public static final DateFormat.Field WEEK_OF_MONTH
      Constant identifying the week of month field.
    • AM_PM

      public static final DateFormat.Field AM_PM
      Constant identifying the time of day indicator (e.g. "a.m." or "p.m.") field.
    • HOUR1

      public static final DateFormat.Field HOUR1
      Constant identifying the hour field, where the legal values are 1 to 12.
    • HOUR0

      public static final DateFormat.Field HOUR0
      Constant identifying the hour field, where the legal values are 0 to 11.

      public static final DateFormat.Field TIME_ZONE
      Constant identifying the time zone field.
  • Constructor Details

    • Field

      protected Field(String name, int calendarField)
      Creates a Field.
      name - the name of the Field
      calendarField - the Calendar constant this Field corresponds to; any value, even one outside the range of legal Calendar values may be used, but -1 should be used for values that don't correspond to legal Calendar values
  • Method Details

    • ofCalendarField

      public static DateFormat.Field ofCalendarField(int calendarField)
      Returns the Field constant that corresponds to the Calendar constant calendarField. If there is no direct mapping between the Calendar constant and a Field, null is returned.
      calendarField - Calendar field constant
      Field instance representing calendarField.
      IllegalArgumentException - if calendarField is not the value of a Calendar field constant.
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    • getCalendarField

      public int getCalendarField()
      Returns the Calendar field associated with this attribute. For example, if this represents the hours field of a Calendar, this would return Calendar.HOUR. If there is no corresponding Calendar constant, this will return -1.
      Calendar constant for this field
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    • readResolve

      protected Object readResolve() throws InvalidObjectException
      Resolves instances being deserialized to the predefined constants.
      readResolve in class AttributedCharacterIterator.Attribute
      resolved DateFormat.Field constant
      InvalidObjectException - if the constant could not be resolved.