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Class InterruptedIOException

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public class InterruptedIOException extends IOException
Signals that an I/O operation has been interrupted. An InterruptedIOException is thrown to indicate that an input or output transfer has been terminated because the thread performing it was interrupted. The field bytesTransferred indicates how many bytes were successfully transferred before the interruption occurred.
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  • Field Details

    • bytesTransferred

      public int bytesTransferred
      Reports how many bytes had been transferred as part of the I/O operation before it was interrupted.
  • Constructor Details

    • InterruptedIOException

      public InterruptedIOException()
      Constructs an InterruptedIOException with null as its error detail message.
    • InterruptedIOException

      public InterruptedIOException(String s)
      Constructs an InterruptedIOException with the specified detail message. The string s can be retrieved later by the Throwable.getMessage() method of class java.lang.Throwable.
      s - the detail message.