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class:ViewFactory [NONE]

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BasicEditorPaneUI, BasicFormattedTextFieldUI, BasicPasswordFieldUI, BasicTextAreaUI, BasicTextFieldUI, BasicTextPaneUI, BasicTextUI, DefaultTextUI, HTMLEditorKit.HTMLFactory, MetalTextFieldUI, SynthEditorPaneUI, SynthFormattedTextFieldUI, SynthPasswordFieldUI, SynthTextAreaUI, SynthTextFieldUI, SynthTextPaneUI

public interface ViewFactory
A factory to create a view of some portion of document subject. This is intended to enable customization of how views get mapped over a document model.

method:create(javax.swing.text.Element) [NONE]

  • create

    View create?(Element elem)
    Creates a view from the given structural element of a document.
    elem - the piece of the document to build a view of
    the view
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