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class:Highlighter.HighlightPainter [NONE]

All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultHighlighter.DefaultHighlightPainter, LayeredHighlighter.LayerPainter
Enclosing interface:

public static interface Highlighter.HighlightPainter
Highlight renderer.

method:paint(java.awt.Graphics,int,int,java.awt.Shape,javax.swing.text.JTextComponent) [NONE]

  • paint

    void paint?(Graphics g, int p0, int p1, Shape bounds, JTextComponent c)
    Renders the highlight.
    g - the graphics context
    p0 - the starting offset in the model >= 0
    p1 - the ending offset in the model >= p0
    bounds - the bounding box for the highlight
    c - the editor

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