Class HMACParameterSpec

All Implemented Interfaces:
AlgorithmParameterSpec, SignatureMethodParameterSpec

public final class HMACParameterSpec extends Object implements SignatureMethodParameterSpec
Parameters for the XML Signature HMAC Algorithm. The parameters include an optional output length which specifies the MAC truncation length in bits. The resulting HMAC will be truncated to the specified number of bits. If the parameter is not specified, then this implies that all the bits of the hash are to be output. The XML Schema Definition of the HMACOutputLength element is defined as:

 <element name="HMACOutputLength" minOccurs="0" type="ds:HMACOutputLengthType"/>
 <simpleType name="HMACOutputLengthType">
   <restriction base="integer"/>
See Also:
SignatureMethod, RFC 2104
  • Constructor Details

    • HMACParameterSpec

      public HMACParameterSpec(int outputLength)
      Creates an HMACParameterSpec with the specified truncation length.
      outputLength - the truncation length in number of bits
  • Method Details

    • getOutputLength

      public int getOutputLength()
      Returns the truncation length.
      the truncation length in number of bits