Interface WebSocket.Builder

Enclosing interface:

public static interface WebSocket.Builder
A builder of WebSocket Clients.

Builders are created by invoking HttpClient.newWebSocketBuilder. The intermediate (setter-like) methods change the state of the builder and return the same builder they have been invoked on. If an intermediate method is not invoked, an appropriate default value (or behavior) will be assumed. A Builder is not safe for use by multiple threads without external synchronization.

  • Method Details

    • header

      WebSocket.Builder header(String name, String value)
      Adds the given name-value pair to the list of additional HTTP headers sent during the opening handshake.

      Headers defined in the WebSocket Protocol are illegal. If this method is not invoked, no additional HTTP headers will be sent.

      name - the header name
      value - the header value
      this builder
    • connectTimeout

      WebSocket.Builder connectTimeout(Duration timeout)
      Sets a timeout for establishing a WebSocket connection.

      If the connection is not established within the specified duration then building of the WebSocket will fail with HttpTimeoutException. If this method is not invoked then the infinite timeout is assumed.

      timeout - the timeout, non-negative, non-ZERO
      this builder
    • subprotocols

      WebSocket.Builder subprotocols(String mostPreferred, String... lesserPreferred)
      Sets a request for the given subprotocols.

      After the WebSocket has been built, the actual subprotocol can be queried through WebSocket.getSubprotocol().

      Subprotocols are specified in the order of preference. The most preferred subprotocol is specified first. If there are any additional subprotocols they are enumerated from the most preferred to the least preferred.

      Subprotocols not conforming to the syntax of subprotocol identifiers are illegal. If this method is not invoked then no subprotocols will be requested.

      mostPreferred - the most preferred subprotocol
      lesserPreferred - the lesser preferred subprotocols
      this builder
    • buildAsync

      CompletableFuture<WebSocket> buildAsync(URI uri, WebSocket.Listener listener)
      Builds a WebSocket connected to the given URI and associated with the given Listener.

      Returns a CompletableFuture which will either complete normally with the resulting WebSocket or complete exceptionally with one of the following errors:

      uri - the WebSocket URI
      listener - the listener
      a CompletableFuture with the WebSocket