Module java.naming

Class LdapDnsProviderResult


public final class LdapDnsProviderResult extends Object
The result of a DNS lookup for an LDAP URL.

This class is used by an LdapDnsProvider to return the result of a DNS lookup for a given LDAP URL. The result consists of a domain name and its associated LDAP server endpoints.

A null domainName is equivalent to and represented by an empty string.

  • Constructor Details

    • LdapDnsProviderResult

      public LdapDnsProviderResult(String domainName, List<String> endpoints)
      Construct an LdapDnsProviderResult consisting of a resolved domain name and the LDAP server endpoints that serve the domain.
      domainName - the resolved domain name; can be null.
      endpoints - the possibly empty list of resolved LDAP server endpoints
      NullPointerException - if endpoints contains null elements.
      ClassCastException - if endpoints contains non- String elements.
  • Method Details

    • getDomainName

      public String getDomainName()
      Returns the domain name resolved from the LDAP URL. This method returns the empty string if the LdapDnsProviderResult is created with a null domain name.
      the resolved domain name
    • getEndpoints

      public List<String> getEndpoints()
      Returns the possibly empty list of individual server endpoints resolved from the LDAP URL.
      a possibly empty unmodifiable List containing the resolved LDAP server endpoints