Module java.desktop

Interface MutableTreeNode

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultMutableTreeNode, JTree.DynamicUtilTreeNode

public interface MutableTreeNode extends TreeNode
Defines the requirements for a tree node object that can change -- by adding or removing child nodes, or by changing the contents of a user object stored in the node.
See Also:
DefaultMutableTreeNode, JTree
  • Method Details

    • insert

      void insert(MutableTreeNode child, int index)
      Adds child to the receiver at index. child will be messaged with setParent.
      child - node to be added
      index - index of the receiver
    • remove

      void remove(int index)
      Removes the child at index from the receiver.
      index - index of child to be removed
    • remove

      void remove(MutableTreeNode node)
      Removes node from the receiver. setParent will be messaged on node.
      node - node to be removed from the receiver
    • setUserObject

      void setUserObject(Object object)
      Resets the user object of the receiver to object.
      object - object to be set as a receiver
    • removeFromParent

      void removeFromParent()
      Removes the receiver from its parent.
    • setParent

      void setParent(MutableTreeNode newParent)
      Sets the parent of the receiver to newParent.
      newParent - node to be set as parent of the receiver