Module java.desktop

Interface SynthUI

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SynthButtonUI, SynthCheckBoxMenuItemUI, SynthCheckBoxUI, SynthColorChooserUI, SynthComboBoxUI, SynthDesktopIconUI, SynthDesktopPaneUI, SynthEditorPaneUI, SynthFormattedTextFieldUI, SynthInternalFrameUI, SynthLabelUI, SynthListUI, SynthMenuBarUI, SynthMenuItemUI, SynthMenuUI, SynthOptionPaneUI, SynthPanelUI, SynthPasswordFieldUI, SynthPopupMenuUI, SynthProgressBarUI, SynthRadioButtonMenuItemUI, SynthRadioButtonUI, SynthRootPaneUI, SynthScrollBarUI, SynthScrollPaneUI, SynthSeparatorUI, SynthSliderUI, SynthSpinnerUI, SynthSplitPaneUI, SynthTabbedPaneUI, SynthTableHeaderUI, SynthTableUI, SynthTextAreaUI, SynthTextFieldUI, SynthTextPaneUI, SynthToggleButtonUI, SynthToolBarUI, SynthToolTipUI, SynthTreeUI, SynthViewportUI

public interface SynthUI extends SynthConstants
SynthUI is used to fetch the SynthContext for a particular Component.
  • Method Details

    • getContext

      SynthContext getContext(JComponent c)
      Returns the Context for the specified component.
      c - Component requesting SynthContext.
      SynthContext describing component.
    • paintBorder

      void paintBorder(SynthContext context, Graphics g, int x, int y, int w, int h)
      Paints the border.
      context - a component context
      g - Graphics to paint on
      x - the X coordinate
      y - the Y coordinate
      w - width of the border
      h - height of the border