Module java.desktop

Class ColorType


public class ColorType extends Object
A typesafe enumeration of colors that can be fetched from a style.

Each SynthStyle has a set of ColorTypes that are accessed by way of the SynthStyle.getColor(SynthContext, ColorType) method. SynthStyle's installDefaults will install the FOREGROUND color as the foreground of the Component, and the BACKGROUND color to the background of the component (assuming that you have not explicitly specified a foreground and background color). Some components support more color based properties, for example JList has the property selectionForeground which will be mapped to FOREGROUND with a component state of SynthConstants.SELECTED.

The following example shows a custom SynthStyle that returns a red Color for the DISABLED state, otherwise a black color.

 class MyStyle extends SynthStyle {
     private Color disabledColor = new ColorUIResource(Color.RED);
     private Color color = new ColorUIResource(Color.BLACK);
     protected Color getColorForState(SynthContext context, ColorType type){
         if (context.getComponentState() == SynthConstants.DISABLED) {
             return disabledColor;
         return color;
  • Field Details


      public static final ColorType FOREGROUND
      ColorType for the foreground of a region.

      public static final ColorType BACKGROUND
      ColorType for the background of a region.

      public static final ColorType TEXT_FOREGROUND
      ColorType for the foreground of a region.

      public static final ColorType TEXT_BACKGROUND
      ColorType for the background of a region.
    • FOCUS

      public static final ColorType FOCUS
      ColorType for the focus.

      public static final int MAX_COUNT
      Maximum number of ColorTypes.
  • Constructor Details

    • ColorType

      protected ColorType(String description)
      Creates a new ColorType with the specified description.
      description - String description of the ColorType.
  • Method Details

    • getID

      public final int getID()
      Returns a unique id, as an integer, for this ColorType.
      a unique id, as an integer, for this ColorType.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      Returns the textual description of this ColorType. This is the same value that the ColorType was created with.
      toString in class Object
      the description of the string