Module java.desktop

Class MetalComboBoxUI.MetalComboPopup

All Implemented Interfaces:
ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, Accessible, MenuElement, ComboPopup
Enclosing class:

@Deprecated public class MetalComboBoxUI.MetalComboPopup extends BasicComboPopup
As of Java 2 platform v1.4.
This class should be treated as a "protected" inner class. Instantiate it only within subclasses of MetalComboBoxUI. This class is now obsolete and doesn't do anything and is only included for backwards API compatibility. Do not call or override.
  • Constructor Details

    • MetalComboPopup

      public MetalComboPopup(JComboBox<Object> cBox)
      Constructs a new instance of MetalComboPopup.
      cBox - an instance of JComboBox
  • Method Details

    • delegateFocus

      public void delegateFocus(MouseEvent e)
      Description copied from class: BasicComboPopup
      This is a utility method that helps event handlers figure out where to send the focus when the popup is brought up. The standard implementation delegates the focus to the editor (if the combo box is editable) or to the JComboBox if it is not editable.
      delegateFocus in class BasicComboPopup
      e - a mouse event