Module java.desktop

Class BasicBorders.ButtonBorder

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Border, UIResource
Direct Known Subclasses:
BasicBorders.RadioButtonBorder, BasicBorders.RolloverButtonBorder, BasicBorders.ToggleButtonBorder
Enclosing class:

public static class BasicBorders.ButtonBorder extends AbstractBorder implements UIResource
Draws a border around a button.
  • Field Details

    • shadow

      protected Color shadow
      The color of shadow.
    • darkShadow

      protected Color darkShadow
      The color of dark shadow.
    • highlight

      protected Color highlight
      The color of highlight.
    • lightHighlight

      protected Color lightHighlight
      The color of light highlight.
  • Constructor Details

    • ButtonBorder

      public ButtonBorder(Color shadow, Color darkShadow, Color highlight, Color lightHighlight)
      Constructs a new instance of a ButtonBorder.
      shadow - a color of shadow
      darkShadow - a color of dark shadow
      highlight - a color of highlight
      lightHighlight - a color of light highlight