Module java.desktop

Class LayerUI<V extends Component>

Type Parameters:
V - one of the super types of JLayer's view component
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class LayerUI<V extends Component> extends ComponentUI implements Serializable
The base class for all JLayer's UI delegates.

paint(java.awt.Graphics, javax.swing.JComponent) method performs the painting of the JLayer and eventDispatched(AWTEvent, JLayer) method is notified about any AWTEvents which have been generated by a JLayer or any of its subcomponents.

The LayerUI differs from the UI delegates of the other components, because it is LookAndFeel independent and is not updated by default when the system LookAndFeel is changed.

The subclasses of LayerUI can either be stateless and shareable by multiple JLayers or not shareable.

See Also:
JLayer.setUI(LayerUI), JLayer.setView(Component), JLayer.getView()