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Class PrintJobEvent

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public class PrintJobEvent extends PrintEvent
Class PrintJobEvent encapsulates common events a print job reports to let a listener know of progress in the processing of the DocPrintJob.
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      public static final int JOB_CANCELED
      The job was canceled by the PrintService.
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      public static final int JOB_COMPLETE
      The document is completely printed.
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      public static final int JOB_FAILED
      The print service reports that the job cannot be completed. The application must resubmit the job.
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      public static final int REQUIRES_ATTENTION
      The print service indicates that a - possibly transient - problem may require external intervention before the print service can continue. One example of an event that can generate this message is when the printer runs out of paper.
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      public static final int NO_MORE_EVENTS
      Not all print services may be capable of delivering interesting events, or even telling when a job is complete. This message indicates the print job has no further information or communication with the print service. This message should always be delivered if a terminal event (completed/failed/canceled) is not delivered. For example, if messages such as JOB_COMPLETE have NOT been received before receiving this message, the only inference that should be drawn is that the print service does not support delivering such an event.
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      public static final int DATA_TRANSFER_COMPLETE
      The job is not necessarily printed yet, but the data has been transferred successfully from the client to the print service. The client may free data resources.
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  • Constructor Details

    • PrintJobEvent

      public PrintJobEvent(DocPrintJob source, int reason)
      Constructs a PrintJobEvent object.
      source - a DocPrintJob object
      reason - an int specifying the reason
      IllegalArgumentException - if source is null
  • Method Details

    • getPrintEventType

      public int getPrintEventType()
      Gets the reason for this event.
      reason int
    • getPrintJob

      public DocPrintJob getPrintJob()
      Determines the DocPrintJob to which this print job event pertains.
      the DocPrintJob object that represents the print job that reports the events encapsulated by this PrintJobEvent