Module java.desktop

Class PrinterState

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, Attribute, PrintServiceAttribute

public final class PrinterState extends EnumSyntax implements PrintServiceAttribute
Class PrinterState is a printing attribute class, an enumeration, that identifies the current state of a printer. Class PrinterState defines standard printer state values. A Print Service implementation only needs to report those printer states which are appropriate for the particular implementation; it does not have to report every defined printer state. The PrinterStateReasons attribute augments the PrinterState attribute to give more detailed information about the printer in given printer state.

IPP Compatibility: The category name returned by getName() is the IPP attribute name. The enumeration's integer value is the IPP enum value. The toString() method returns the IPP string representation of the attribute value.

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Serialized Form
  • Field Details


      public static final PrinterState UNKNOWN
      The printer state is unknown.
    • IDLE

      public static final PrinterState IDLE
      Indicates that new jobs can start processing without waiting.

      public static final PrinterState PROCESSING
      Indicates that jobs are processing; new jobs will wait before processing.

      public static final PrinterState STOPPED
      Indicates that no jobs can be processed and intervention is required.
  • Constructor Details

    • PrinterState

      protected PrinterState(int value)
      Construct a new printer state enumeration value with the given integer value.
      value - Integer value
  • Method Details

    • getStringTable

      protected String[] getStringTable()
      Returns the string table for class PrinterState.
      getStringTable in class EnumSyntax
      the string table
    • getEnumValueTable

      protected EnumSyntax[] getEnumValueTable()
      Returns the enumeration value table for class PrinterState.
      getEnumValueTable in class EnumSyntax
      the value table
    • getCategory

      public final Class<? extends Attribute> getCategory()
      Get the printing attribute class which is to be used as the "category" for this printing attribute value.

      For class PrinterState, the category is class PrinterState itself.

      Specified by:
      getCategory in interface Attribute
      printing attribute class (category), an instance of class java.lang.Class
    • getName

      public final String getName()
      Get the name of the category of which this attribute value is an instance.

      For class PrinterState, the category name is "printer-state".

      Specified by:
      getName in interface Attribute
      attribute category name