Module java.desktop

Class MediaSizeName

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, Attribute, DocAttribute, PrintJobAttribute, PrintRequestAttribute

public class MediaSizeName extends Media
Class MediaSizeName is a subclass of Media.

This attribute can be used instead of specifying MediaName or MediaTray.

Class MediaSizeName currently declares a few standard media name values.

IPP Compatibility: MediaSizeName is a representation class for values of the IPP "media" attribute which names media sizes. The names of the media sizes correspond to those in the IPP 1.1 RFC RFC 2911

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Serialized Form
  • Field Details

    • ISO_A0

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_A0
      A0 size.
    • ISO_A1

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_A1
      A1 size.
    • ISO_A2

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_A2
      A2 size.
    • ISO_A3

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_A3
      A3 size.
    • ISO_A4

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_A4
      A4 size.
    • ISO_A5

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_A5
      A5 size.
    • ISO_A6

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_A6
      A6 size.
    • ISO_A7

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_A7
      A7 size.
    • ISO_A8

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_A8
      A8 size.
    • ISO_A9

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_A9
      A9 size.
    • ISO_A10

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_A10
      A10 size.
    • ISO_B0

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_B0
      ISO B0 size.
    • ISO_B1

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_B1
      ISO B1 size.
    • ISO_B2

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_B2
      ISO B2 size.
    • ISO_B3

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_B3
      ISO B3 size.
    • ISO_B4

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_B4
      ISO B4 size.
    • ISO_B5

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_B5
      ISO B5 size.
    • ISO_B6

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_B6
      ISO B6 size.
    • ISO_B7

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_B7
      ISO B7 size.
    • ISO_B8

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_B8
      ISO B8 size.
    • ISO_B9

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_B9
      ISO B9 size.
    • ISO_B10

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_B10
      ISO B10 size.
    • JIS_B0

      public static final MediaSizeName JIS_B0
      JIS B0 size.
    • JIS_B1

      public static final MediaSizeName JIS_B1
      JIS B1 size.
    • JIS_B2

      public static final MediaSizeName JIS_B2
      JIS B2 size.
    • JIS_B3

      public static final MediaSizeName JIS_B3
      JIS B3 size.
    • JIS_B4

      public static final MediaSizeName JIS_B4
      JIS B4 size.
    • JIS_B5

      public static final MediaSizeName JIS_B5
      JIS B5 size.
    • JIS_B6

      public static final MediaSizeName JIS_B6
      JIS B6 size.
    • JIS_B7

      public static final MediaSizeName JIS_B7
      JIS B7 size.
    • JIS_B8

      public static final MediaSizeName JIS_B8
      JIS B8 size.
    • JIS_B9

      public static final MediaSizeName JIS_B9
      JIS B9 size.
    • JIS_B10

      public static final MediaSizeName JIS_B10
      JIS B10 size.
    • ISO_C0

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_C0
      ISO C0 size.
    • ISO_C1

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_C1
      ISO C1 size.
    • ISO_C2

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_C2
      ISO C2 size.
    • ISO_C3

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_C3
      ISO C3 size.
    • ISO_C4

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_C4
      ISO C4 size.
    • ISO_C5

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_C5
      ISO C5 size.
    • ISO_C6

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_C6
      letter size.

      public static final MediaSizeName NA_LETTER
      letter size.

      public static final MediaSizeName EXECUTIVE
      executive size.
    • LEDGER

      public static final MediaSizeName LEDGER
      ledger size.

      public static final MediaSizeName TABLOID
      tabloid size.

      public static final MediaSizeName INVOICE
      invoice size.
    • FOLIO

      public static final MediaSizeName FOLIO
      folio size.
    • QUARTO

      public static final MediaSizeName QUARTO
      quarto size.

      public static final MediaSizeName JAPANESE_POSTCARD
      Japanese Postcard size.

      public static final MediaSizeName JAPANESE_DOUBLE_POSTCARD
      Japanese Double Postcard size.
    • A

      public static final MediaSizeName A
      A size.
    • B

      public static final MediaSizeName B
      B size.
    • C

      public static final MediaSizeName C
      C size.
    • D

      public static final MediaSizeName D
      D size.
    • E

      public static final MediaSizeName E
      E size.

      public static final MediaSizeName ISO_DESIGNATED_LONG
      ISO designated long size.

      public static final MediaSizeName ITALY_ENVELOPE
      Italy envelope size.

      public static final MediaSizeName MONARCH_ENVELOPE
      monarch envelope size.

      public static final MediaSizeName PERSONAL_ENVELOPE
      personal envelope size.

      public static final MediaSizeName NA_NUMBER_9_ENVELOPE
      number 9 envelope size.

      public static final MediaSizeName NA_NUMBER_10_ENVELOPE
      number 10 envelope size.

      public static final MediaSizeName NA_NUMBER_11_ENVELOPE
      number 11 envelope size.

      public static final MediaSizeName NA_NUMBER_12_ENVELOPE
      number 12 envelope size.

      public static final MediaSizeName NA_NUMBER_14_ENVELOPE
      number 14 envelope size.

      public static final MediaSizeName NA_6X9_ENVELOPE
      6x9 North American envelope size.

      public static final MediaSizeName NA_7X9_ENVELOPE
      7x9 North American envelope size.
    • NA_9X11_ENVELOPE

      public static final MediaSizeName NA_9X11_ENVELOPE
      9x11 North American envelope size.
    • NA_9X12_ENVELOPE

      public static final MediaSizeName NA_9X12_ENVELOPE
      9x12 North American envelope size.
    • NA_10X13_ENVELOPE

      public static final MediaSizeName NA_10X13_ENVELOPE
      10x13 North American envelope size.
    • NA_10X14_ENVELOPE

      public static final MediaSizeName NA_10X14_ENVELOPE
      10x14North American envelope size.
    • NA_10X15_ENVELOPE

      public static final MediaSizeName NA_10X15_ENVELOPE
      10x15 North American envelope size.
    • NA_5X7

      public static final MediaSizeName NA_5X7
      5x7 North American paper.
    • NA_8X10

      public static final MediaSizeName NA_8X10
      8x10 North American paper.
  • Constructor Details

    • MediaSizeName

      protected MediaSizeName(int value)
      Construct a new media size enumeration value with the given integer value.
      value - Integer value
  • Method Details

    • getStringTable

      protected String[] getStringTable()
      Returns the string table for class MediaSizeName.
      getStringTable in class EnumSyntax
      the string table
    • getEnumValueTable

      protected EnumSyntax[] getEnumValueTable()
      Returns the enumeration value table for class MediaSizeName.
      getEnumValueTable in class EnumSyntax
      the value table