Module java.desktop
Package javax.print

Class StreamPrintService

All Implemented Interfaces:

public abstract class StreamPrintService extends Object implements PrintService
This class extends PrintService and represents a print service that prints data in different formats to a client-provided output stream. This is principally intended for services where the output format is a document type suitable for viewing or archiving. The output format must be declared as a mime type. This is equivalent to an output document flavor where the representation class is always "" An instance of the StreamPrintService class is obtained from a StreamPrintServiceFactory instance.

Note that a StreamPrintService is different from a PrintService, which supports a Destination attribute. A StreamPrintService always requires an output stream, whereas a PrintService optionally accepts a Destination. A StreamPrintService has no default destination for its formatted output. Additionally a StreamPrintService is expected to generate output in a format useful in other contexts. StreamPrintService's are not expected to support the Destination attribute.

  • Constructor Details

    • StreamPrintService

      protected StreamPrintService(OutputStream out)
      Constructs a StreamPrintService object.
      out - stream to which to send formatted print data
  • Method Details

    • getOutputStream

      public OutputStream getOutputStream()
      Gets the output stream.
      the stream to which this service will send formatted print data
    • getOutputFormat

      public abstract String getOutputFormat()
      Returns the document format emitted by this print service. Must be in mimetype format, compatible with the mime type components of DocFlavors
      mime type identifying the output format
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    • dispose

      public void dispose()
      Disposes this StreamPrintService. If a stream service cannot be re-used, it must be disposed to indicate this. Typically the client will call this method. Services which write data which cannot meaningfully be appended to may also dispose the stream. This does not close the stream. It just marks it as not for further use by this service.
    • isDisposed

      public boolean isDisposed()
      Returns a boolean indicating whether or not this StreamPrintService has been disposed. If this object has been disposed, will return true. Used by services and client applications to recognize streams to which no further data should be written.
      true if this StreamPrintService has been disposed; false otherwise