Module java.desktop
Package java.awt

Class PageAttributes.PrintQualityType

Enclosing class:

public static final class PageAttributes.PrintQualityType extends Object
A type-safe enumeration of possible print qualities. These print qualities are in compliance with IPP 1.1.
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      public int hashCode()
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      Returns a hash code value for the object. This method is supported for the benefit of hash tables such as those provided by HashMap.

      The general contract of hashCode is:

      • Whenever it is invoked on the same object more than once during an execution of a Java application, the hashCode method must consistently return the same integer, provided no information used in equals comparisons on the object is modified. This integer need not remain consistent from one execution of an application to another execution of the same application.
      • If two objects are equal according to the equals(Object) method, then calling the hashCode method on each of the two objects must produce the same integer result.
      • It is not required that if two objects are unequal according to the Object.equals(java.lang.Object) method, then calling the hashCode method on each of the two objects must produce distinct integer results. However, the programmer should be aware that producing distinct integer results for unequal objects may improve the performance of hash tables.
      hashCode in class Object
      a hash code value for this object.
      See Also:
      Object.equals(java.lang.Object), System.identityHashCode(java.lang.Object)
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      public String toString()
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      The toString method for class Object returns a string consisting of the name of the class of which the object is an instance, the at-sign character `@', and the unsigned hexadecimal representation of the hash code of the object. In other words, this method returns a string equal to the value of:

       getClass().getName() + '@' + Integer.toHexString(hashCode())
      toString in class Object
      a string representation of the object.