Class TypeKindVisitor9<R,​P>

Type Parameters:
R - the return type of this visitor's methods. Use Void for visitors that do not need to return results.
P - the type of the additional parameter to this visitor's methods. Use Void for visitors that do not need an additional parameter.
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:

@SupportedSourceVersion(RELEASE_14) public class TypeKindVisitor9<R,​P> extends TypeKindVisitor8<R,​P>
A visitor of types based on their kind with default behavior appropriate for source versions RELEASE_9 through RELEASE_14. For types Xyz that may have more than one kind, the visitXyz methods in this class delegate to the visitXyzAsKind method corresponding to the first argument's kind. The visitXyzAsKind methods call defaultAction, passing their arguments to defaultAction's corresponding parameters.
API Note:
Methods in this class may be overridden subject to their general contract.
See Also:
Compatibility note for subclasses, TypeKindVisitor6, TypeKindVisitor7, TypeKindVisitor8, TypeKindVisitor14
  • Constructor Details

    • TypeKindVisitor9

      protected TypeKindVisitor9()
      Constructor for concrete subclasses to call; uses null for the default value.
    • TypeKindVisitor9

      protected TypeKindVisitor9(R defaultValue)
      Constructor for concrete subclasses to call; uses the argument for the default value.
      defaultValue - the value to assign to SimpleTypeVisitor6.DEFAULT_VALUE
  • Method Details

    • visitNoTypeAsModule

      public R visitNoTypeAsModule(NoType t, P p)
      Visits a MODULE pseudo-type.
      visitNoTypeAsModule in class TypeKindVisitor6<R,​P>
      Implementation Requirements:
      This implementation calls defaultAction.
      t - the type to visit
      p - a visitor-specified parameter
      the result of defaultAction