Module java.base

Class StandardCharsets


public final class StandardCharsets extends Object
Constant definitions for the standard charsets. These charsets are guaranteed to be available on every implementation of the Java platform.
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Standard Charsets
  • Field Details

    • US_ASCII

      public static final Charset US_ASCII
      Seven-bit ASCII, also known as ISO646-US, also known as the Basic Latin block of the Unicode character set.
    • ISO_8859_1

      public static final Charset ISO_8859_1
      ISO Latin Alphabet No. 1, also known as ISO-LATIN-1.
    • UTF_8

      public static final Charset UTF_8
      Eight-bit UCS Transformation Format.
    • UTF_16BE

      public static final Charset UTF_16BE
      Sixteen-bit UCS Transformation Format, big-endian byte order.
    • UTF_16LE

      public static final Charset UTF_16LE
      Sixteen-bit UCS Transformation Format, little-endian byte order.
    • UTF_16

      public static final Charset UTF_16
      Sixteen-bit UCS Transformation Format, byte order identified by an optional byte-order mark.