Interface URIDereferencer

public interface URIDereferencer
A dereferencer of URIReferences.

The result of dereferencing a URIReference is either an instance of OctetStreamData or NodeSetData. Unless the URIReference is a same-document reference as defined in section 4.2 of the W3C Recommendation for XML-Signature Syntax and Processing, the result of dereferencing the URIReference MUST be an OctetStreamData.

See Also:
XMLCryptoContext.setURIDereferencer(URIDereferencer), XMLCryptoContext.getURIDereferencer()
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    Data dereference​(URIReference uriReference, XMLCryptoContext context)
    Dereferences the specified URIReference and returns the dereferenced data.
  • Method Details

    • dereference

      Data dereference​(URIReference uriReference, XMLCryptoContext context) throws URIReferenceException
      Dereferences the specified URIReference and returns the dereferenced data.
      uriReference - the URIReference
      context - an XMLCryptoContext that may contain additional useful information for dereferencing the URI. This implementation should dereference the specified URIReference against the context's baseURI parameter, if specified.
      the dereferenced data
      NullPointerException - if uriReference or context are null
      URIReferenceException - if an exception occurs while dereferencing the specified uriReference