Interface DescriptorRead

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All Known Implementing Classes:
MBeanAttributeInfo, MBeanConstructorInfo, MBeanFeatureInfo, MBeanInfo, MBeanNotificationInfo, MBeanOperationInfo, MBeanParameterInfo, ModelMBeanAttributeInfo, ModelMBeanConstructorInfo, ModelMBeanInfoSupport, ModelMBeanNotificationInfo, ModelMBeanOperationInfo, OpenMBeanAttributeInfoSupport, OpenMBeanConstructorInfoSupport, OpenMBeanInfoSupport, OpenMBeanOperationInfoSupport, OpenMBeanParameterInfoSupport

public interface DescriptorRead
Interface to read the Descriptor of a management interface element such as an MBeanInfo.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    Descriptor getDescriptor()
    Returns a copy of Descriptor.
  • Method Details

    • getDescriptor

      Descriptor getDescriptor()
      Returns a copy of Descriptor.
      Descriptor associated with the component implementing this interface. The return value is never null, but the returned descriptor may be empty.