Module java.rmi

Package java.rmi.activation

The RMI Activation mechanism has been deprecated and may be removed from a future version of the Java Platform. All of the classes and interfaces in this package have been terminally deprecated. The rmid tool has also been terminally deprecated. There is no replacement for the RMI Activation mechanism in the Java Platform. Users of RMI Activation are advised to migrate their applications to other technologies.
Provides support for RMI Object Activation. A remote object's reference can be made ``persistent'' and later activated into a ``live'' object using the RMI activation mechanism.

Implementations are not required to support the activation mechanism. If activation is not supported by this implementation, several specific activation API methods are all required to throw UnsupportedOperationException. If activation is supported by this implementation, these methods must never throw UnsupportedOperationException . These methods are denoted by the presence of an entry for UnsupportedOperationException in the Throws section of each method's specification.