Class RMIJRMPServerImpl

All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, AutoCloseable, Remote, RMIServer

public class RMIJRMPServerImpl
extends RMIServerImpl

An RMIServer object that is exported through JRMP and that creates client connections as RMI objects exported through JRMP. User code does not usually reference this class directly.

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  • Constructor Details

    • RMIJRMPServerImpl

      public RMIJRMPServerImpl​(int port, RMIClientSocketFactory csf, RMIServerSocketFactory ssf, Map<String,​?> env) throws IOException

      Creates a new RMIServer object that will be exported on the given port using the given socket factories.

      port - the port on which this object and the RMIConnectionImpl objects it creates will be exported. Can be zero, to indicate any available port.
      csf - the client socket factory for the created RMI objects. Can be null.
      ssf - the server socket factory for the created RMI objects. Can be null.
      env - the environment map. Can be null.
      IOException - if the RMIServer object cannot be created.
      IllegalArgumentException - if port is negative.
  • Method Details

    • toStub

      public Remote toStub() throws IOException

      Returns a serializable stub for this RMIServer object.

      Specified by:
      toStub in class RMIServerImpl
      a serializable stub.
      IOException - if the stub cannot be obtained - e.g the RMIJRMPServerImpl has not been exported yet.
    • makeClient

      protected RMIConnection makeClient​(String connectionId, Subject subject) throws IOException

      Creates a new client connection as an RMI object exported through JRMP. The port and socket factories for the new RMIConnection object are the ones supplied to the RMIJRMPServerImpl constructor.

      Specified by:
      makeClient in class RMIServerImpl
      connectionId - the ID of the new connection. Every connection opened by this connector server will have a different id. The behavior is unspecified if this parameter is null.
      subject - the authenticated subject. Can be null.
      the newly-created RMIConnection.
      IOException - if the new RMIConnection object cannot be created or exported.
    • closeServer

      protected void closeServer() throws IOException

      Called by RMIServerImpl.close() to close the connector server by unexporting this object. After returning from this method, the connector server must not accept any new connections.

      Specified by:
      closeServer in class RMIServerImpl
      IOException - if the attempt to close the connector server failed.