Module java.base

Class DrbgParameters.Instantiation

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public static final class DrbgParameters.Instantiation
extends Object
implements SecureRandomParameters
DRBG parameters for instantiation.

When used in SecureRandom.getInstance(String, SecureRandomParameters) or one of the other similar getInstance calls that take a SecureRandomParameters parameter, it means the requested instantiate parameters the newly created SecureRandom object must minimally support. When used as the return value of the SecureRandom.getParameters() method, it means the effective instantiate parameters of the SecureRandom object.

  • Method Details

    • getStrength

      public int getStrength()
      Returns the security strength in bits.
      If used in getInstance, returns the minimum strength requested, or -1 if there is no specific request on the strength. If used in getParameters, returns the effective strength. The effective strength must be greater than or equal to the minimum strength requested.
    • getCapability

      public DrbgParameters.Capability getCapability()
      Returns the capability.
      If used in getInstance, returns the minimum capability requested. If used in getParameters, returns information on the effective prediction resistance flag and whether it supports reseeding.
    • getPersonalizationString

      public byte[] getPersonalizationString()
      Returns the personalization string as a byte array.
      If used in getInstance, returns the requested personalization string as a newly allocated array, or null if no personalization string is requested. The same string should be returned in getParameters as a new copy, or null if no personalization string is requested in getInstance.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      Returns a Human-readable string representation of this Instantiation.
      toString in class Object
      the string representation