Module java.rmi

Package java.rmi.activation

Provides support for RMI Object Activation. A remote object's reference can be made ``persistent'' and later activated into a ``live'' object using the RMI activation mechanism.

Implementations are not required to support the activation mechanism. If activation is not supported by this implementation, several specific activation API methods are all required to throw UnsupportedOperationException. If activation is supported by this implementation, these methods must never throw UnsupportedOperationException. These methods are denoted by the presence of an entry for UnsupportedOperationException in the Throws section of each method's specification.

  • Interface Summary 
    Interface Description
    An ActivationInstantiator is responsible for creating instances of "activatable" objects.
    An ActivationMonitor is specific to an ActivationGroup and is obtained when a group is reported active via a call to ActivationSystem.activeGroup (this is done internally).
    The ActivationSystem provides a means for registering groups and "activatable" objects to be activated within those groups.
    The Activator facilitates remote object activation.
  • Class Summary 
    Class Description
    The Activatable class provides support for remote objects that require persistent access over time and that can be activated by the system.
    An activation descriptor contains the information necessary to activate an object: the object's group identifier, the object's fully-qualified class name, the object's code location (the location of the class), a codebase URL path, the object's restart "mode", and, a "marshalled" object that can contain object specific initialization data.
    An ActivationGroup is responsible for creating new instances of "activatable" objects in its group, informing its ActivationMonitor when either: its object's become active or inactive, or the group as a whole becomes inactive.
    ActivationGroup_Stub is a stub class for the subclasses of java.rmi.activation.ActivationGroup that are exported as a java.rmi.server.UnicastRemoteObject.
    An activation group descriptor contains the information necessary to create/recreate an activation group in which to activate objects.
    Startup options for ActivationGroup implementations.
    The identifier for a registered activation group serves several purposes: identifies the group uniquely within the activation system, and contains a reference to the group's activation system so that the group can contact its activation system when necessary.
    Activation makes use of special identifiers to denote remote objects that can be activated over time.
  • Exception Summary 
    Exception Description
    This exception is thrown by the RMI runtime when activation fails during a remote call to an activatable object.
    General exception used by the activation interfaces.
    An UnknownGroupException is thrown by methods of classes and interfaces in the java.rmi.activation package when the ActivationGroupID parameter to the method is determined to be invalid, i.e., not known by the ActivationSystem.
    An UnknownObjectException is thrown by methods of classes and interfaces in the java.rmi.activation package when the ActivationID parameter to the method is determined to be invalid.