Class MBeanServerInvocationHandler

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MBeanServerInvocationHandler
extends Object
implements InvocationHandler

InvocationHandler that forwards methods in an MBean's management interface through the MBean server to the MBean.

Given an MBeanServerConnection, the ObjectName of an MBean within that MBean server, and a Java interface Intf that describes the management interface of the MBean using the patterns for a Standard MBean or an MXBean, this class can be used to construct a proxy for the MBean. The proxy implements the interface Intf such that all of its methods are forwarded through the MBean server to the MBean.

If the InvocationHandler is for an MXBean, then the parameters of a method are converted from the type declared in the MXBean interface into the corresponding mapped type, and the return value is converted from the mapped type into the declared type. For example, with the method
public List<String> reverse(List<String> list);
and given that the mapped type for List<String> is String[], a call to proxy.reverse(someList) will convert someList from a List<String> to a String[], call the MBean operation reverse, then convert the returned String[] into a List<String>.

The method Object.toString(), Object.hashCode(), or Object.equals(Object), when invoked on a proxy using this invocation handler, is forwarded to the MBean server as a method on the proxied MBean only if it appears in one of the proxy's interfaces. For a proxy created with JMX.newMBeanProxy or JMX.newMXBeanProxy, this means that the method must appear in the Standard MBean or MXBean interface. Otherwise these methods have the following behavior:

  • toString() returns a string representation of the proxy
  • hashCode() returns a hash code for the proxy such that two equal proxies have the same hash code
  • equals(Object) returns true if and only if the Object argument is of the same proxy class as this proxy, with an MBeanServerInvocationHandler that has the same MBeanServerConnection and ObjectName; if one of the MBeanServerInvocationHandlers was constructed with a Class argument then the other must have been constructed with the same Class for equals to return true.