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Class SynthLookAndFeel

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public class SynthLookAndFeel
extends BasicLookAndFeel
SynthLookAndFeel provides the basis for creating a customized look and feel. SynthLookAndFeel does not directly provide a look, all painting is delegated. You need to either provide a configuration file, by way of the load(, java.lang.Class<?>) method, or provide your own SynthStyleFactory to setStyleFactory(javax.swing.plaf.synth.SynthStyleFactory). Refer to the package summary for an example of loading a file, and SynthStyleFactory for an example of providing your own SynthStyleFactory to setStyleFactory.

SynthIcon interface provides paintIcon(synthContext, graphics, x, y, width, height) method that allows to draw the icon with the given SynthContext.

Warning: This class implements Serializable as a side effect of it extending BasicLookAndFeel. It is not intended to be serialized. An attempt to serialize it will result in NotSerializableException.