Module java.desktop

Class Control

Direct Known Subclasses:
BooleanControl, CompoundControl, EnumControl, FloatControl

public abstract class Control
extends Object
Lines often have a set of controls, such as gain and pan, that affect the audio signal passing through the line. Java Sound's Line objects let you obtain a particular control object by passing its class as the argument to a getControl method.

Because the various types of controls have different purposes and features, all of their functionality is accessed from the subclasses that define each kind of control.

See Also:
Line.getControls(), Line.isControlSupported(javax.sound.sampled.Control.Type)
  • Nested Class Summary

    Nested Classes 
    Modifier and Type Class Description
    static class  Control.Type
    An instance of the Type class represents the type of the control.
  • Constructor Summary

    Modifier Constructor Description
    protected Control​(Control.Type type)
    Constructs a control with the specified type.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    Control.Type getType()
    Obtains the control's type.
    String toString()
    Obtains a string describing the control type and its current state.

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  • Constructor Details

    • Control

      protected Control​(Control.Type type)
      Constructs a control with the specified type.
      type - the kind of control desired
  • Method Details

    • getType

      public Control.Type getType()
      Obtains the control's type.
      the control's type
    • toString

      public String toString()
      Obtains a string describing the control type and its current state.
      toString in class Object
      a string representation of the control