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Defines a contract between user-interface components and an assistive technology that provides access to those components.
Provides a set of "lightweight" (all-Java language) components that, to the maximum degree possible, work the same on all platforms.
Provides classes and interfaces that deal with editable and noneditable text components.
  • Uses of JavaBean in javax.accessibility

    Classes in javax.accessibility with annotations of type JavaBean 
    Modifier and Type Class Description
    class  AccessibleContext
    AccessibleContext represents the minimum information all accessible objects return.
  • Uses of JavaBean in javax.swing

    Classes in javax.swing with annotations of type JavaBean 
    Modifier and Type Class Description
    class  AbstractButton
    Defines common behaviors for buttons and menu items.
    class  Box
    A lightweight container that uses a BoxLayout object as its layout manager.
    class  JApplet
    The Applet API is deprecated, no replacement.
    class  JButton
    An implementation of a "push" button.
    class  JCheckBox
    An implementation of a check box -- an item that can be selected or deselected, and which displays its state to the user.
    class  JCheckBoxMenuItem
    A menu item that can be selected or deselected.
    class  JColorChooser
    JColorChooser provides a pane of controls designed to allow a user to manipulate and select a color.
    class  JComboBox<E>
    A component that combines a button or editable field and a drop-down list.
    class  JComponent
    The base class for all Swing components except top-level containers.
    class  JDesktopPane
    A container used to create a multiple-document interface or a virtual desktop.
    class  JDialog
    The main class for creating a dialog window.
    class  JEditorPane
    A text component to edit various kinds of content.
    class  JFileChooser
    JFileChooser provides a simple mechanism for the user to choose a file.
    class  JFormattedTextField
    JFormattedTextField extends JTextField adding support for formatting arbitrary values, as well as retrieving a particular object once the user has edited the text.
    class  JFrame
    An extended version of java.awt.Frame that adds support for the JFC/Swing component architecture.
    class  JInternalFrame
    A lightweight object that provides many of the features of a native frame, including dragging, closing, becoming an icon, resizing, title display, and support for a menu bar.
    class  JLabel
    A display area for a short text string or an image, or both.
    class  JLayeredPane
    JLayeredPane adds depth to a JFC/Swing container, allowing components to overlap each other when needed.
    class  JList<E>
    A component that displays a list of objects and allows the user to select one or more items.
    class  JMenu
    An implementation of a menu -- a popup window containing JMenuItems that is displayed when the user selects an item on the JMenuBar.
    class  JMenuBar
    An implementation of a menu bar.
    class  JMenuItem
    An implementation of an item in a menu.
    class  JOptionPane
    JOptionPane makes it easy to pop up a standard dialog box that prompts users for a value or informs them of something.
    class  JPanel
    JPanel is a generic lightweight container.
    class  JPasswordField
    JPasswordField is a lightweight component that allows the editing of a single line of text where the view indicates something was typed, but does not show the original characters.
    class  JPopupMenu
    An implementation of a popup menu -- a small window that pops up and displays a series of choices.
    class  JProgressBar
    A component that visually displays the progress of some task.
    class  JRadioButton
    An implementation of a radio button -- an item that can be selected or deselected, and which displays its state to the user.
    class  JRadioButtonMenuItem
    An implementation of a radio button menu item.
    class  JScrollBar
    An implementation of a scrollbar.
    class  JScrollPane
    Provides a scrollable view of a lightweight component.
    class  JSeparator
    JSeparator provides a general purpose component for implementing divider lines - most commonly used as a divider between menu items that breaks them up into logical groupings.
    class  JSlider
    A component that lets the user graphically select a value by sliding a knob within a bounded interval.
    class  JSpinner
    A single line input field that lets the user select a number or an object value from an ordered sequence.
    class  JSplitPane
    JSplitPane is used to divide two (and only two) Components.
    class  JTabbedPane
    A component that lets the user switch between a group of components by clicking on a tab with a given title and/or icon.
    class  JTable
    The JTable is used to display and edit regular two-dimensional tables of cells.
    class  JTextArea
    A JTextArea is a multi-line area that displays plain text.
    class  JTextField
    JTextField is a lightweight component that allows the editing of a single line of text.
    class  JTextPane
    A text component that can be marked up with attributes that are represented graphically.
    class  JToggleButton
    An implementation of a two-state button.
    class  JToolBar
    JToolBar provides a component that is useful for displaying commonly used Actions or controls.
    class  JTree
    A control that displays a set of hierarchical data as an outline.
    class  JWindow
    A JWindow is a container that can be displayed anywhere on the user's desktop.
  • Uses of JavaBean in javax.swing.text

    Classes in javax.swing.text with annotations of type JavaBean 
    Modifier and Type Class Description
    class  JTextComponent
    JTextComponent is the base class for swing text components.