Module java.base

Class SocketFactory

Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class SocketFactory
extends Object
This class creates sockets. It may be subclassed by other factories, which create particular subclasses of sockets and thus provide a general framework for the addition of public socket-level functionality.

Socket factories are a simple way to capture a variety of policies related to the sockets being constructed, producing such sockets in a way which does not require special configuration of the code which asks for the sockets:

  • Due to polymorphism of both factories and sockets, different kinds of sockets can be used by the same application code just by passing it different kinds of factories.
  • Factories can themselves be customized with parameters used in socket construction. So for example, factories could be customized to return sockets with different networking timeouts or security parameters already configured.
  • The sockets returned to the application can be subclasses of, so that they can directly expose new APIs for features such as compression, security, record marking, statistics collection, or firewall tunneling.

Factory classes are specified by environment-specific configuration mechanisms. For example, the getDefault method could return a factory that was appropriate for a particular user or applet, and a framework could use a factory customized to its own purposes.

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