Module java.desktop

Class FileImageOutputStream

All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, DataInput, DataOutput, AutoCloseable, ImageInputStream, ImageOutputStream

public class FileImageOutputStream
extends ImageOutputStreamImpl
An implementation of ImageOutputStream that writes its output directly to a File or RandomAccessFile.
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    • seek

      public void seek​(long pos) throws IOException
      Sets the current stream position and resets the bit offset to 0. It is legal to seeking past the end of the file; an EOFException will be thrown only if a read is performed. The file length will not be increased until a write is performed.
      pos - a long containing the desired file pointer position.
      IndexOutOfBoundsException - if pos is smaller than the flushed position.
      IOException - if any other I/O error occurs.
    • finalize

      @Deprecated(since="9") protected void finalize() throws Throwable
      The finalize method has been deprecated. Subclasses that override finalize in order to perform cleanup should be modified to use alternative cleanup mechanisms and to remove the overriding finalize method. When overriding the finalize method, its implementation must explicitly ensure that super.finalize() is invoked as described in Object.finalize(). See the specification for Object.finalize() for further information about migration options.
      Finalizes this object prior to garbage collection. The close method is called to close any open input source. This method should not be called from application code.
      finalize in class ImageInputStreamImpl
      Throwable - if an error occurs during superclass finalization.
      See Also:
      WeakReference, PhantomReference