Module java.desktop
Package java.beans

Class PropertyChangeListenerProxy

All Implemented Interfaces:
PropertyChangeListener, EventListener

public class PropertyChangeListenerProxy
extends EventListenerProxy<PropertyChangeListener>
implements PropertyChangeListener
A class which extends the EventListenerProxy specifically for adding a PropertyChangeListener with a "bound" property. Instances of this class can be added as PropertyChangeListeners to a bean which supports firing property change events.

If the object has a getPropertyChangeListeners method then the array returned could be a mixture of PropertyChangeListener and PropertyChangeListenerProxy objects.

See Also:
EventListenerProxy, PropertyChangeSupport.getPropertyChangeListeners()
  • Constructor Details

    • PropertyChangeListenerProxy

      public PropertyChangeListenerProxy​(String propertyName, PropertyChangeListener listener)
      Constructor which binds the PropertyChangeListener to a specific property.
      propertyName - the name of the property to listen on
      listener - the listener object
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