Module java.base

Class RSAOtherPrimeInfo


public class RSAOtherPrimeInfo
extends Object
This class represents the triplet (prime, exponent, and coefficient) inside RSA's OtherPrimeInfo structure, as defined in the PKCS#1 v2.2 standard. The ASN.1 syntax of RSA's OtherPrimeInfo is as follows:
 OtherPrimeInfo ::= SEQUENCE {
   prime        INTEGER,
   exponent     INTEGER,
   coefficient  INTEGER

See Also:
RSAPrivateCrtKeySpec, RSAMultiPrimePrivateCrtKey
  • Constructor Details

    • RSAOtherPrimeInfo

      public RSAOtherPrimeInfo​(BigInteger prime, BigInteger primeExponent, BigInteger crtCoefficient)
      Creates a new RSAOtherPrimeInfo given the prime, primeExponent, and crtCoefficient as defined in PKCS#1.
      prime - the prime factor of n.
      primeExponent - the exponent.
      crtCoefficient - the Chinese Remainder Theorem coefficient.
      NullPointerException - if any of the parameters, i.e. prime, primeExponent, crtCoefficient, is null.
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