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Packages that use java.nio.charset 
Package Description
Provides for system input and output through data streams, serialization and the file system.
Provides classes that are fundamental to the design of the Java programming language.
Provides the classes for implementing networking applications.
HTTP Client and WebSocket APIs
Defines channels, which represent connections to entities that are capable of performing I/O operations, such as files and sockets; defines selectors, for multiplexed, non-blocking I/O operations.
Defines charsets, decoders, and encoders, for translating between bytes and Unicode characters.
Service-provider classes for the java.nio.charset package.
Defines interfaces and classes for the Java virtual machine to access files, file attributes, and file systems.
Contains the collections framework, some internationalization support classes, a service loader, properties, random number generation, string parsing and scanning classes, base64 encoding and decoding, a bit array, and several miscellaneous utility classes.
Provides classes for reading and writing the standard ZIP and GZIP file formats.
Provides interfaces for tools which can be invoked from a program, for example, compilers.