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Package Description
Provides classes and interfaces for obtaining reflective information about classes and objects.
  • Uses of AccessibleObject in java.lang.reflect

    Subclasses of AccessibleObject in java.lang.reflect 
    Modifier and Type Class Description
    class  Constructor<T>
    Constructor provides information about, and access to, a single constructor for a class.
    class  Executable
    A shared superclass for the common functionality of Method and Constructor.
    class  Field
    A Field provides information about, and dynamic access to, a single field of a class or an interface.
    class  Method
    A Method provides information about, and access to, a single method on a class or interface.
    Methods in java.lang.reflect with parameters of type AccessibleObject 
    Modifier and Type Method Description
    static void AccessibleObject.setAccessible​(AccessibleObject[] array, boolean flag)
    Convenience method to set the accessible flag for an array of reflected objects with a single security check (for efficiency).