Class RelationSupport

All Implemented Interfaces:
MBeanRegistration, Relation, RelationSupportMBean

public class RelationSupport
extends Object
implements RelationSupportMBean, MBeanRegistration
A RelationSupport object is used internally by the Relation Service to represent simple relations (only roles, no properties or methods), with an unlimited number of roles, of any relation type. As internal representation, it is not exposed to the user.

RelationSupport class conforms to the design patterns of standard MBean. So the user can decide to instantiate a RelationSupport object himself as a MBean (as it follows the MBean design patterns), to register it in the MBean Server, and then to add it in the Relation Service.

The user can also, when creating his own MBean relation class, have it extending RelationSupport, to retrieve the implementations of required interfaces (see below).

It is also possible to have in a user relation MBean class a member being a RelationSupport object, and to implement the required interfaces by delegating all to this member.

RelationSupport implements the Relation interface (to be handled by the Relation Service).

It implements also the MBeanRegistration interface to be able to retrieve the MBean Server where it is registered (if registered as a MBean) to access to its Relation Service.