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Class TextEvent

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public class TextEvent
extends AWTEvent
A semantic event which indicates that an object's text changed. This high-level event is generated by an object (such as a TextComponent) when its text changes. The event is passed to every TextListener object which registered to receive such events using the component's addTextListener method.

The object that implements the TextListener interface gets this TextEvent when the event occurs. The listener is spared the details of processing individual mouse movements and key strokes Instead, it can process a "meaningful" (semantic) event like "text changed".

An unspecified behavior will be caused if the id parameter of any particular TextEvent instance is not in the range from TEXT_FIRST to TEXT_LAST.

See Also:
TextComponent, TextListener, Serialized Form
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    • TextEvent

      public TextEvent​(Object source, int id)
      Constructs a TextEvent object.

      This method throws an IllegalArgumentException if source is null.

      source - The (TextComponent) object that originated the event
      id - An integer that identifies the event type. For information on allowable values, see the class description for TextEvent
      IllegalArgumentException - if source is null
      See Also:
      EventObject.getSource(), AWTEvent.getID()
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    • paramString

      public String paramString()
      Returns a parameter string identifying this text event. This method is useful for event-logging and for debugging.
      paramString in class AWTEvent
      a string identifying the event and its attributes