Module java.desktop

Class ComponentEvent

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
ContainerEvent, FocusEvent, InputEvent, PaintEvent, WindowEvent

public class ComponentEvent
extends AWTEvent
A low-level event which indicates that a component moved, changed size, or changed visibility (also, the root class for the other component-level events).

Component events are provided for notification purposes ONLY; The AWT will automatically handle component moves and resizes internally so that GUI layout works properly regardless of whether a program is receiving these events or not.

In addition to serving as the base class for other component-related events (InputEvent, FocusEvent, WindowEvent, ContainerEvent), this class defines the events that indicate changes in a component's size, position, or visibility.

This low-level event is generated by a component object (such as a List) when the component is moved, resized, rendered invisible, or made visible again. The event is passed to every ComponentListener or ComponentAdapter object which registered to receive such events using the component's addComponentListener method. (ComponentAdapter objects implement the ComponentListener interface.) Each such listener object gets this ComponentEvent when the event occurs.

An unspecified behavior will be caused if the id parameter of any particular ComponentEvent instance is not in the range from COMPONENT_FIRST to COMPONENT_LAST.

See Also:
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